Friday, August 10, 2012

Working For The Weekend

Today is my 27th birthday.  And while I haven't accomplished everything I hoped I would by this age, I'm actually feeling kind of great.  And the reason is simple.  If life is measured by how much money you make, I'm in trouble.  If it's measured by how many employees report to you or by how many serious relationships you've been in then I'm in even bigger trouble.  But if you get to measure your life in love...well...I'm in tip top shape.  Case in point: my parents adjusted their work schedules, hopped on a plane and flew some 800 miles to surprise me last night.  That's love.  After we grabbed dinner, we stopped by my aunt's house where I was immediately ushered upstairs.  Turns out a big group of my cousins spent their whole night decorating for the birthday party they're throwing me and didn't want me to see the room until tonight.  That's love.  When I came home from my aunt's, I discovered my roommate put Happy Birthday signs and balloons all over our living room.  That's love.  It pours into my life all year long with "just cause I know this will make you laugh" texts from Shreveport, Louisiana and encouraging words from Miami, Florida and invitations to grab coffee from my favorite guys just down the street.  It's behind every corner all year long.  How can you be disappointed in a life like that?  Good heavens, you can't.  If 27 is the year for big things, I'm all for it.  Bring it on.  But regardless of what I do or don't accomplish in this next year, I can go into it knowing so much of the truly important stuff is already in place.  I have more than money can buy, more than power can achieve and more than influence can provide.  I have more.  No wonder it's such a happy birthday. :)

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