Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

There's two ways to approach a dress like this...subdue the brightness with simple accessories and neutral accents or just go with it and turn the wattage up even higher.  As you can see, I opted for the latter option this time around.  The turquoise is such a nice compliment to the neon, don't you think?

1. Silk Georgette and Chiffon Dress, Mason by Michelle Mason $530  2. Gemma Redux Scalloped Stone Necklace, Shopbop $297  3. Cat Eye Sunglasses, Shop Sosie $12  4. Calcagni Shoes, Aldo $69.98  5. Turquoise Ring, Alanna Bess Jewelry  6. Turquoise Envelope Clutch Bag, Polyvore $12


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