Thursday, December 16, 2010


The time for more resource sharing is now…and so- I present to you Taigon.  If you’re a fan of boutique shopping, then consider this my Christmas present to you because you’re in for all kinds of fun.  I think Taigan founder, Elizabeth Nichols, described the site best when she said, “Taigan makes it possible for consumers to shop at their favorite boutiques and takes the pain away from retailers setting up individual e-commerce solutions. We’ve connected online shoppers with specialty retailers and designers all over the country and also globally.”  The bottom line is this: many of the items you find on Taigon can’t be found * gasp * anywhere else on the Internet (when was the last time you even heard of such a thing?).  So, you get locally curated apparel, shoes, accessories, children’s, home, art, gourmet food, and jewelry boutique selections without having to spring on airfare.  Heck of a deal, eh? 


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