Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Making 2010's "It" Color Work For You

The design gods have spoken and declared 2010 the year of turquoise.  My Mom gave me the heads up when she returned from a technique class last week (in an unrelated topic, you won’t believe the amazing things she can now do with foils).  Since turquoise isn’t always the easiest color to incorporate, we wanted to give a few examples of how it can be used to achieve drastically different looks.  


Turquoise doesn’t have to be an abrasive color.  In fact, used correctly it can be elegant and even iconic...think Tiffany’s Little Blue Box, for example.  We found this Regent Dinnerware at Crate and Barrel for about $80 per five piece place setting.  What’s more classic than lovely fine bone china?


The best way to give turquoise a vintage feel is to channel the 1950’s and use it in your kitchen.  Martha Stewart has awhole line of Kitchen Aid appliances in her blue line that come in this awesome shade.  This particular 5 speed blender will set you back about $150.


Take advantage of turquoise’s presence in patterns such as peacock for a more exotic look.  We found this pillow in the
Liberty of London for Target line for only $20!  If you haven’t been to Target recently than get there fast because this collaboration won’t be around much longer and it’s pretty amazing.  


We were blown away by this 
tufted leather sofa from Neiman Marcus.  Not only is it amazingly beautiful, it’s on sale for less than $3,000.  We’re pretty obsessed to say the least.


How stunning is this turquoise chandelier from La Murrina Murano?  It’s made from Venetian glass and available in a wide variety of sizes.  It’s a little pricey, but a total work of art.


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