Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Incorporating Design Trends

Interior design trends are a funny thing...they can feel arbitrary and unsightly to one person and heaven sent to the next- and that’s ok!  You can apply the same principles you use when deciding what fashion trends are right for your body type and lifestyle to manage trends in your living space.  Ask yourself “Do I love this?”.  If you don’t, pass.  Not every trend is for you, and thank goodness that’s the case because who could keep up with them all.  If you do find yourself enamored with a certain design, determine what level of commitment you’re able to give to the idea.  Here’s a few examples of various ways you could incorporate one of the HUGE trends we saw at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show this past weekend; Rustic Wood.

Commitment Meter: Flirt 
So you love the idea of rustic wood but you’re not ready to invest a lot in it?  Not a problem.  We spotted this awesome decorative bowl at Target for less than $30.  Forgo five trips to Starbucks and it’s yours.

Commitment Meter: Facebook Official

Let’s say you’re a little more enthusiastic... maybe you’re even okay with a little attachment.  Look for something along the lines of this mirror we found at Hobble Creek Trading Company.  It’s just under $375.  If that sounds a little steep, we recommend checking out your nearest Homegoods.  There’s a good possibility you’ll find something similar for a fraction of the price.  

Commitment Meter: Engaged

If you’re seriously passionate, you may want to consider a custom made dining room table by an artist like David Stine or Palo Samko- both impressed us quite a bit at the Home Design Show.  If you’re not ready for a one-of-a-kind piece just yet, consider Anthropologie’s Lever and Lumber Table.  It’ll run you about $3,500 before shipping costs. 

Commitment Meter: Wedded Bliss

If you find yourself head over heels for a design concept and 100% sure you’re in it for the long haul, then and only then should you take the leap and make rather irreversible changes.  We saw these hardwood floors in the LV Wood Floors area this weekend and found them to be really stunning.  The wood comes from the Dolomite Mountians in Italy- the same area our family hails from (naturally giving them instant credibility in our book)  :).  A commitment at this level will cost you a good amount of money and time but let’s be honest, it probably wouldn’t be the first crazy thing you did in the name of love. 


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