Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wanted: H&M 2014 Conscious Collection

I took a temporary departure from our usual format and dedicated today's Wanted exclusively to my favorite pieces from H&M's new Conscious collection…because I'm loosing my mind over it.  It's so chic, so reasonably priced and so high fashion I can hardly stand it.  Mark your calendars for it's launch April 10…if your local H&M isn't one of the 150 stores that carry it, don't fret!  They're making the whole collection available online as well (cue sigh of relief).  Good thing I have the next few weeks to narrow down what to buy because- from a monetary standpoint- I could get myself in all kinds of trouble here (affordable isn't so affordable when you buy 10 pieces).  Decisions, decisions…

1. Boho purse, $69.95  2. Shoulder Adornment, $149  3. White Jumpsuit, $69.96  4. Black Ball gown, $299  5. Fringe Earrings, $17.95  6. Shoulder Bearing Lace Blouse, $69.95  7. Metallic Sheath Dress, $69.95  8. Head Wrap, $17.95


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