Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3 Ideas

It's spring cleaning time!  I'm in the middle of the ultimate spring cleaning- the process of moving- but I threw together a few simpler ideas that don't neccessarily involve sorting through every item you own.  Even if it's not something you tackle this week, you may circle back around to it at some point.  Just think of how wonderful you'll feel when it's done!

1. If you do nothing else- make it a point to spend one afternoon tossing what can be thrown away all throughout your house…expired food in your fridge and pantry, old medicine, magazines you've already read, junk mail, broken nonsense you keep around for no good reason, and the list goes on.  Throw on some sweats, tie your hair back and don't stop until you're finished.  A little less clutter here and there adds up to a lot less clutter, total.  In fact, I think it's the fastest and easiest way to feel some instant lightness in your home.

2. Decide on your spring cleaning goals early in the process...this check list is a great place to start but everyone's house and mess are different.  Maybe this is the year you attack the attic or the garage…maybe the very thought of that makes you want to hyperventilate and pass out…either way, don't let what you can't do paralyze you from doing anything.  Once you've decided what, decide on when and stick to it.  If you have a really quite exceptionally good friend, you can even invite her over to help (but make sure you head over to her house for spring cleaning round two)!

3. Let's talk long term maintenance…in my experience, the key is to start with baby steps.  As I've said so many times before, setting a difficult goal is noble thing but the goal itself doesn't instantly turn you into a brand new person.  Your schedule isn't changing, your habits aren't melting away, you're gonna have to fight to make that goal stick!  That being said, an important part of the process is figuring out what it is about particular tasks that make them seem so inconvenient in the moment...because that's what it comes down to.  If you can't think of a way to alleviate at least some of the annoyance, you'll always be fighting an uphill battle.  A few little changes can make a big difference.  


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