Friday, February 14, 2014

Working For The Weekend

Happy Valentine's Day!  It sure is a great day to be alive.  It occurred to me today that this is the only Valentine's Day I'll ever be a fiancé…and that I'll never be a "girlfriend" again…and that by this time next year I'll have been married for 8 months!  Crazy stuff, ladies and gents.  I'm so thrilled to get to spend this and every Valentine's Day with Davey but no worries, I won't get all mushy on you (though I do hope every single one of you has or finds someone you love as much as I love him).  Have a wonderful night, an excellent weekend and enjoy the links!

I spent hours on this site the other week…literally…hours


Kinda weird but also neat.

Seriously funny!

If this actually works, it's pretty awesome.


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