Friday, January 18, 2013

Working For The Weekend

If all goes as planned tomorrow, I'll be getting up late...putting a decent dent into the outrageous amount of food I bought at Trader Joe's yesterday...and most importantly not changing out of my PJ's until I head to the (fingers crossed) Nashville Predators game (the NHL is back!  Yay!).  Or maybe I'll wake up and want to do something super constructive.  Who knows.  Regardless of what goes down Saturday, I know for sure what's on the agenda for Sunday!  We go to a great church down here in Nashville called Cross Point and we're in the middle of an incredible series.  If I haven't invited you lately I wanted to make sure I did now...come check it out at 9am, 10:30, noon or 5:30!  Hope your weekend is amazing.  Can't wait to catch up Monday.  Enjoy the links!     

This is awesome.  

Some great looks here...

J. Crew, you are perfection.

I just love this so much.

I may need to buy this for my niece, Vivi.

How delicious does this look!?

Worth a look-see, that's for sure.


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