Friday, January 4, 2013

Working For The Weekend

I woke up this morning to the rude realization that it was not, in fact, Saturday.  Yesterday just felt so much like Friday that it was a Groundhog Day-esque revelation...ever have days like that?  Needless to say I'm in desperate need of a moment to get my head on straight, and hopefully the weekend will provide just that.  I'm beta testing an exciting idea at the moment (Beta testing?  Is that what I want to say?  I think so...) and hopefully I'll be able to share it in all it's glory early next week.  Have the best weekend everyone!  Enjoy the links!  

You know I'll be celebrating this.

Okay, so this is just a concept at the moment but how cool is it?

These look too delicious.

My Dad loves this song.  I do too.

Illustrated quotes?  Yes please.

I've got to see these!

Probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.


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