Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Impractically Perfect

I spent the majority of yesterday in New York City helping a dear friend plan her wedding and as a fun treat, her Mom made reservations at Bergdorf Goodman for lunch.  Now, I don't know if you've ever been to Bergdorf Goodman for lunch (I, of course, hadn't) but in my now expert opinion, you should go.  You should go right away.  But let this be a warning to you if you do go right away!  Should you dare to browse around after lunch like we did, chances are high that you will loose your ever loving mind.  It's just way too many beautiful, wonderful, extravagant things under one roof...things you most certainly can not have displayed in such a way that tricks you into thinking maybe you might need them.  There's some kind of dark magic at work there for sure.  After spending part of the afternoon discovering so many incredible pieces, I got to thinking about the kinds of over the top things I would buy if I was the kind of over the top person that shopped there.  These were the first items that came to mind...

1. Coloring Book, Hermes $140  2. Mini Luggage Tote, Celine $2,400  3. Windows at Bergdorf Goodman, Assouline $695  4. Creme de la Mer, La Mer $1,800  5. Crystal Embellished Sandals, Alexander McQueen $1,710


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