Monday, July 9, 2012

Family Feud

If you know me in any capacity, you know that one of the things I adore about life is the fact that I'm so close with my cousins.  We had more fun growing up than I could possibly articulate (and continue to have fun together as adults, I might add).  While normal kids were playing house, we played "court", complete with lawyers, evidence, and many a reference to Robert's Rules of Order.  We put on plays with choreographed dances and costumes, we wore matching hand knit animal sweaters and t-shirts with our faces puffy painted on them, and loved Winnie the Pooh for much longer than we should have.  One time we even unionized and went on "strike" (I can't remember what we were raging against, but I do remember staging a formal march and chanting "strike!" over and over while our parents shook their heads and chuckled).  It was a great childhood...the kind I hope my kids have someday.  But of all the fun we had, perhaps my favorite thing we ever created was the great family feud (not to be confused with the episode of Family Feud we staged and taped as a home video...the Do-Good family vs. the Be-Bad family.  True story).  When we were really young we decided to break up into teams and stage a series of competitions.  We named said teams the Blue Elephants and Pink Panthers after our respective mascots (and by mascots I of course mean two stuffed animals we found in our toy chest at Nonnie's house) and battled in every area from badminton to gingerbread house decorating.  It was serious stuff but shockingly enough (considering how young we were at the time) always really good natured. 

I took the liberty of adding some flair to one of our old family photos to illustrate the great Blue Elephant/Pink Panther divide.  Please note 1) The fact that we all have nearly the same haircut 2) just how outnumbered my brother is and 3) the hilariously mischievous face he's making...there's absolutely no telling what he did and/or said moments after this picture was snapped.

While we haven't competed in any official challenges against each other for years, we have comforted each other through unspeakable tragedies, stood proudly in weddings, spoiled each other's kids and marched through life with our arms linked.  You may not get to choose your family, but you do get to pick your friends and I'm thankful we all picked each other (and more thankful still that God picked us for each other as family).  That being said, Pink Panthers rule, Blue Elephants drool.  It's just a fact of life.

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Unknown said...

Love this post and you! Go pink panthers! Natalie

Anonymous said...

Oh Gabby! This made me so nostalgic for those amazingly fun days! I'm so grateful for my cousins and even more grateful that the miles and time between visits never separates our hearts! Love you so much!
-Angela (Proud Leader of the Pink Panthers) ;-)

Anonymous said...

You looks so cute on this pictures. Honestly I was jealous to you since I don't have memories with my cousins since my family live far away from them. Even now that I grow older, I am not still close to them. I am very much happy upon reading your blog.

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