Friday, March 9, 2012

Working For The Weekend

On paper, this last week doesn't look that great.  I had to run all kinds of annoying and expensive errands (car inspection, registration change, auto repairs, etc.), I had more than one "there's a possibility I'm dying" hypochondriac moment and to top it off, it was rainy.  Weird thing, though....I'm all "sunny side of the street-y" for some reason.  The errands ended up reminding me that people are freakishly nice in Tennessee.  What should've been horrible experiences (c'mon the DMV!) were not only tolerable, they bordered on pleasant.  I spent part of last night laughing with my roommate, Courtney, about my "health scares" and marveling over the fact that I didn't so much as WebMD my "symptoms".  Improvement!  And when it comes to the rain, all I can say is it made me so thankful that I work from home.  I mean, I'm a pretty positive person but what's my deal?  I haven't the slightest clue.  Whatever it is, I hope it carries into next week (or month or year would be fine too).  I'm happy to accommodate it for as long as it wants to stick around.  I hope your weekend is as brazenly positive as my week was.  Enjoy the links!

I'm all for mastering important techniques...

Yay for fun color combos!

In stores as of yesterday (and probably already sold out...still lovely, though).

Too funny.  But I kind of love it.

Reminds me of Anthropologie (not so secret code for awesome).

Adorable idea. insane amount of work.  But primarily adorable.

Would totally use this.

The potential for cute is high here.

Love jewelry?  Appreciate old Hollywood?  You've come to the right place.

Lots of talk about this film, but for good reason!  The message is powerful.


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