Friday, October 29, 2010

No Tricks, Just Treats

Boo!  Did I scare you?  Even with Halloween quickly approaching, that’s about as scary as I get.  Though I’ve never missed an opportunity to dress up in my life, you’re more likely to find me in costumes that involve tiaras than ones that require fake blood.  As much as I enjoy getting caught up in the spirit of a holiday, I have a hard time if that ‘spirit’ is…well…dark.  You can imagine how this makes decorating for Halloween a challenge.  Fortunately for those of you that feel similarly, it’s a challenge I readily accept!  I’ve assembled a selection of Halloween accents that lean more towards the playful side of Halloween than the gruesome.  I even managed to find a few pieces I think are pretty chic.  Since Halloween is this weekend, I tried to limit my selections to stores with nationwide chains.   If you see something you’d like to use for a Halloween party this weekend, you can run right out and pick it up!  In addition to the stores featured here, I’d highly recommend you check out Target, Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby- their in-store selection is excellent!




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