Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Have Your Cake & Eat it Too

Seasonal décor can create a great atmosphere in your space but it also has the potential to create a storage nightmare.  What on earth are you supposed to do with your Summer trappings now that Fall is here?  And where are you gonna put all the Autumn mumbo jumbo when Christmas comes?  If storage space is a rare and precious commodity to you (as I must say, it is to me) you probably don’t have a huge area designated for seasonal pieces to hibernate in.  The good news is you don’t have to decide between the a certain degree you can have a home that reflects the seasons without having to surrender all your spare room.  Now, I don’t have a perfect solution to the problem as a whole (though I’m working on it…) but here’s a suggestion that will, at the very least, move you in the right direction.  As I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion, I’m somewhat of a decorative pillow fiend- they’re just a fabulous and affordable way to add a great deal of design to a space.  Since one of the best ways to add a seasonal touch to an area is through fabric choices and texture (the warmer the temperature the lighter the fabric and vice versa) consider adding some pillows made with heavier fabrics for the Fall season.  In the interest of storage space, try to avoid purchasing all-together new pillows…instead go with a beautifully designed sham.  One of the biggest home trends for Autumn is knit, so I picked out a few decorative sweater-esque pillow covers for you to check out.  They’re well priced, and won’t take up too much space when they’re not in use.  Perfecto!


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