Friday, August 23, 2013

Working For The Weekend

The last few weeks have been so crazy...I've bounced back and forth between Jersey, Virginia, Miami, Nashville and of course Italy.  Crazier still, it looks like things won't be slowing down anytime soon.  All this travel has me feeling extremely thankful and weirdly reflective (sometimes there's just nothing to do on an airplane but think).  I have the most vivid memory from not too long ago of feeling like my life was so stagnant and nothing exciting was ever going to happen.  I think if you're honest, you'd say you've fallen into that same trap- the one that says right now is forever.  Maybe you're stuck in that trap now.  But truth be told, right now is a blip!  A vapor!  A tiny piece of a very big puzzle.  I'm far from having accomplished everything I'd like to but I know things are better today than they were yesterday and I bet they'll be better still tomorrow.  Matter of fact, I know they'll be better tomorrow cause I'm heading out to spend the week in Myrtle Beach with Davey and his phenomenal family.  I'll be posting and working from the beach so it's business as usual here next week, I'm just exchanging my desk and pencil skirt for a towel and bathing suit in the best trade ever.  Enjoy the links and have a wonderful weekend!

This is very good.

Want- possibly need- these in gold.

I'm a sucker for custom pencils.

How handy is this!?

Mexican food + Brunch = True love.

Quite helpful.

Well that's neat...

20 somethings- this TED talk is for you!

Some great tips here.


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