Friday, July 12, 2013

Working For The Weekend

We're almost halfway through July.  Can that even be right?  There's more than a few weeks of sunshine left to be enjoyed so I'm not ready to go into mourning just yet, but seriously- what is happening?  While I work on pumping the summer breaks I hope you get busy soaking up all this fabulous season has to markets and movies in the park and all the other stuff your gal pals love and the men in your life tolerate if they're married to you, dating you or want to date you.  Enjoy your weekend (& the links)!

In honor of my Mom's birthday today...her favorite thing.

Will I ever use this?  Probably not.  Am I considering buying it anyway?  Obviously.

Bestie merch always makes me chuckle.

I love and want this.

Exceptionally sweet.

Okay fine, I'll try it.

Be still my heart.

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