Friday, June 21, 2013

Working For The Weekend

I've got a touch of a bittersweet thing going on at the moment.  My BFF and her husband are putting on their fourth annual Rendezvous Conference in Miami and it's the first one I've ever missed!  Such a bummer, right?  At the same time, I'm quite psyched about the work-related activities I've scheduled for this weekend so the silver lining is 1) at least I'm not missing out in vain and 2) how many people can actually even say that with a straight face?  Not many I imagine.  Have such a wonderful, restful couple of days and let's catch up Monday.  Enjoy the links!

Um, this is gorgeous.


This would make a great gift.

Awesome idea...

The unlikely item on my "to buy" list.

This is how you age.

A good word.

As always, so proud of these guys!


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