Friday, April 26, 2013

Working For The Weekend

Things have been a bit crazy here...good crazy, but crazy nonetheless.  Case in point, I just realized this will be my fourth consecutive weekend out of town.  That qualifies as at least a little nuts, right?  I'm spending this Saturday and Sunday in Birmingham, Alabama for my very last trip to visit the guys on this tour.  There's only a few weeks left 'til they come home so hopefully it's smooth sailing from here on out for all parties involved.  I'm working on a bunch of exciting Design Muse projects and I'm so pumped to get to tell you all about them in due time.  It's gonna be a great couple weeks, an even better summer and a stellar rest of the year.  Enjoy the links!

Science, meet top 10 lists (so cool)


Want it!

Great idea.

Gol-ly...these look amazing.

Had one of these growing up!

Too, too good.

I will 100% use this.


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